July 2013

A busy month

help has arrived once again.
Zach, with a few of his crew, getting ready to unload cattle

We have grass fed & finished beef in our freezers from another local & sustainable farm while our new cows finish growing.
Our own beef should be in our freezer in the next 30-60 days

Our cattle herd continues to grow!

We are getting ready for Thanksgiving

Our 20 Heritage Turkeys wander anywhere and everywhere on our property.
But don't worry, they are already too big to any predators to attack them with any success (except for people of course!)

Sophie, our livestock guardian dog, has moved to the field to protect our flock.

It's funny to watch her play with the chickens.

She chases them,
traps them,
gives them a lick or two,
and lets them go.

Puppies will be puppies

Our first customer PIG ROAST! (D.C. Reynolds ... www.marketbars.com)

we provided the roaster and the smoker
Jeremy and his fantastic team provided the prep, roasting and customers

and the pork was absolutely delicious!!