May 2013

Pork is back from the butcher...bacon, pork chops, sausage, ham, roasts and more...YUM!

Jessica spear heads getting some plants into the ground. We have been so busy with new infrastructure and livestock, we almost completely missed the planting season! 

A rare day off here at the farm...but we never miss the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival! (an annual ritual for our family)
So we knocked out the chores early and headed off to a fun day of relaxing!!

Now that is plumb worn out!

I don't exactly recall where we were headed, but it wasn't more than a 30 minute drive...but it only took Zach and Lori seconds to fall asleep and catch a few extra winks.

Talk about a fun day....ALL THE PIGS GOT OUT!! They picked up a gate and went exploring.

The amazing thing is....Lori. BY HERSELF ON FARM, herded most of these buggers back where they go WHILE she was taking pictures!! That is one calm and collected lady...the pig whisperer as we like to call her.

Sophie, our livestock guardian dog, surveys the scene after everyone is back where they belong