September & October 2013

More new arrivals!!

a few new members have joined the ranks on the farm,
some young and some old,
all here and living the good life!


Please welcome: Orange Collar, Pink Collar, Opal, Bonnie, Clyde, Millie, Machiado, Mary and Maia to the farm! These girls (and one boy) climb on absolutely everything they can get to...spending their days romping around, munching on pasture, and giving us milk to drink!

Meet Jessie James!!

J.J. is a 100% Berkshire Boar!

On November 1, he will be 3 years old

This guy is ginormous!!!!

But he's as sweet as a button and loves marshmallows and back scratches

and Thor makes his debut!

another livestock guardian dog to watch over our flocks and play with Sophie!
Thor is almost 2 years old (he came here with he goats!) so he isn't as playful with the chickens as Sophie, but he still jumps around to get our attention!

aren't they cute??

July 2013

A busy month

help has arrived once again.
Zach, with a few of his crew, getting ready to unload cattle

We have grass fed & finished beef in our freezers from another local & sustainable farm while our new cows finish growing.
Our own beef should be in our freezer in the next 30-60 days

Our cattle herd continues to grow!

We are getting ready for Thanksgiving

Our 20 Heritage Turkeys wander anywhere and everywhere on our property.
But don't worry, they are already too big to any predators to attack them with any success (except for people of course!)

Sophie, our livestock guardian dog, has moved to the field to protect our flock.

It's funny to watch her play with the chickens.

She chases them,
traps them,
gives them a lick or two,
and lets them go.

Puppies will be puppies

Our first customer PIG ROAST! (D.C. Reynolds ...

we provided the roaster and the smoker
Jeremy and his fantastic team provided the prep, roasting and customers

and the pork was absolutely delicious!!

May 2013

Pork is back from the butcher...bacon, pork chops, sausage, ham, roasts and more...YUM!

Jessica spear heads getting some plants into the ground. We have been so busy with new infrastructure and livestock, we almost completely missed the planting season! 

A rare day off here at the farm...but we never miss the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival! (an annual ritual for our family)
So we knocked out the chores early and headed off to a fun day of relaxing!!

Now that is plumb worn out!

I don't exactly recall where we were headed, but it wasn't more than a 30 minute drive...but it only took Zach and Lori seconds to fall asleep and catch a few extra winks.

Talk about a fun day....ALL THE PIGS GOT OUT!! They picked up a gate and went exploring.

The amazing thing is....Lori. BY HERSELF ON FARM, herded most of these buggers back where they go WHILE she was taking pictures!! That is one calm and collected lady...the pig whisperer as we like to call her.

Sophie, our livestock guardian dog, surveys the scene after everyone is back where they belong