We are proud to partner with Evermore Farm to bring you
naturally and ethically raised
grass fed & finished
Heritage Beef

Evermore Farm raises Dexter Cattle, a heritage breed that is definitely smaller but has an even better flavor and lower fat content than commercial breeds.

"Pound for pound, no bovine can match the diversity of Dexter cattle, one of the smallest cattle breeds. Standing just 36 to 44 inches at the shoulder, Dexters are the perfect old-fashioned, family cow. Gentle, versatile and economical, Dexters efficiently turn pasture into rich milk and lean meat. Dexter meat is of good quality, well marbled, very tasty, and very lean. In recent years, interest in Dexter cattle has surged worldwide." - Evermore Farm

available in our on-farm store, online market and through our Meat CSA