A little about us

We are the Hill's!

We believe knowing where your food comes from is an important part of living a healthy life.
And the best way to know your food is to know your farmer!

Doug & Lori Hill moved their family of 5 to this one bedroom, overgrown farm in 2000. There was only one fenced field and a little two-stall horse barn.  But they persevered.  After many years and many "hard lessons learned" while raising 3 kids, alpacas, wool sheep, a horse and being a hobby farm , the family decided it was time to transition into a "real" farm.    

In 2012,  the kids, having graduated from college, returned to the farm and were instrumental in helping us make Cabin Creek Heritage Farm what it is today - a small local, sustainable family farm. We are blessed to be stewards of this land and to have raised our kids in this environment. We are now seeing the 3rd generation of farmers coming up!

We LOVE being farmers!  We are passionate about what we do and wouldn't trade this lifestyle for any other - we only wish we'd started sooner!