We raise Heritage Breeds of Rabbits: American Blue

this breed has been domesticated as meat rabbits and are very different from a wild hare and are not typical as pets.

Rabbit is one of the leanest and healthiest meats
 but that doesn't make it dry!

This is an incredibly versatile meat - use it in anything!


Rabbits have a LOT of energy!
So we make sure they always have plenty of grass or hay to munch on to help keep themselves entertained.
Its also important to give the rabbits wood to chew on because their teeth never stop growing.

here's Jackson giving the new bunnies a kiss!

here's Jackson giving the new bunnies a kiss!



Did you know?

Rabbits can't eat everything in the garden? Despite what Bugs Bunny would have you believe, rabbits can't eat too many carrots at a time, there is too much sugar!
Rabbits love sugary fruits and vegetables, but eating too many will make them sick.

Favorite garden snacks: celery, romaine lettuce, cabbage, carrot tops, cucumbers, dandelions, bell peppers...and lots more!



our favorite ways to cook rabbit:

  • low & slow in the oven with sage or rosemary
  • wrap it in bacon!!
  • smoke it whole
  • throw it on the grill with some lemon & garlic
  • cut up to make traditional Spanish Paella
  • tossed into a rabbit & mushroom stew