At Cabin Creek Heritage Farm we don't raise ordinary pigs....we raise Happy Pigs!

Our Berkshire Babes...

Our goal is to provide you with the most delicious pork your have ever tasted
and do it in a way that is good for you and good for the pigs!
We believe in raising pigs in their natural woodland setting; free of pesticides, hormones or antibiotics.
You won't find any confined barns - just the sky, pasture, old oak trees, and healthy soil!

Woodland raising adds real value to both the meat and the quality of the animals' life.

You can actually taste the difference!

We use the term "Woodland Pork" because our hogs live in the woods year-round on our land. This benefits them in many ways.  They are...    
 Less Stressed
they can use their snouts the way
God intended them to - ROOT!

Pigs love to root through the brush, under trees, and anywhere else they can find acorns and other goodies to munch on!

Why Berkshire?  Other than the fact that they have beautiful eyes, delicious pork & are fun to watch, we tend to think "why not"?

Heritage Breed - Originating from the English County of Berkshire, Berkshire Pigs are one of the oldest identifiable breeds.  Medium to large sized, this breed of pig is hardy, are excellent foragers, has good mothering instincts, high milk production and do very well outdoors. They have excellent dispositions, are quite friendly and are rather curious!  

 Quality Meat -  Known for their bacon, Berkshire Pigs are often referred to as "Black Gold", due to the marbling of fat throughout their body. Their meat is darker than commercial pork, has tremendous quality and is far more flavorful!

pigs are natural rototillers!